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It happens more frequently than many people imagine — financial difficulties turn into a financial crisis that turns into a financial emergency with no end in sight. Bills mount up, creditors call continuously and you may feel like you are at the bottom of a financial hole with no ladder in sight.

We are Thesenvitz & Mickelson, LLP, and we represent individuals in consumer bankruptcy throughout Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We help our clients specifically in the areas of:

If your financial situation really is dire, then personal bankruptcy may be your best option. Consumer bankruptcy allows you a "fresh start" to rebuild your credit. Although the laws are stricter than in previous years, they still provide a solution for people who have become overwhelmed by money problems.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed during a financial crisis. The worries may seem insurmountable. Wage garnishment? Home foreclosure? Car repossession? Eviction? You may avoid answering the telephone for fear of creditors' telephone calls. Don't let the fear and inability to act keep you from placing one of the most important phone calls you can make during this time — to an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the bankruptcy filing process and start you down the road toward rebuilding your credit and starting a new financial life.

Don't Delay Bankruptcy Has Many Benefits

It doesn't matter whether your financial crisis was caused by mounting medical bills, divorce, unemployment or overuse of credit cards. As soon as you file a bankruptcy petition, the harassing phone calls from creditors must stop immediately. You may be able to either discharge your debt completely (sometimes called "liquidation bankruptcy") or work out a payment plan with the court that is more reasonable than the payment schedule currently demanded by your creditors (called a "wage earner bankruptcy plan" or "reorganization"). Many of our bankruptcy clients feel an extraordinary weight lifted from their shoulders as soon as they file — they feel like they are finally taking action to regain control of their financial situation.

What Documentation Do I Need For My Consultation?

We ask that you bring the following information to your consultation:

  • A listing of your monthly income
  • A listing of your monthly payroll deductions
  • A listing of your monthly expenses
  • Copies of the past six months of pay stubs (from all of your employers)
  • A listing of the most recent six months of income from any sources besides your job

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