Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

Facing the reality of a divorce can spark many emotions. It can be overwhelming or frustrating, or maybe it can give you a sense of relief. No matter what emotions you may endure, you can be assured that an attorney at our firm will help you through the process.

At Thesenvitz & Mickelson, LLP, we strive to meet the legal needs our clients in every way possible. Our Sioux Falls divorce lawyers serve people throughout the surrounding communities in all areas of family law. We are fully committed to providing personalized legal services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Our attorneys, Doug Thesenvitz and Rick Mickelson, have extensive experience handling divorce cases. We have handled complex and high-asset cases, and are knowledgeable of the skills needed to achieve the best results on your behalf.

What Is Equitable Division?

South Dakota is an equitable division (all property) state, meaning that all assets and properties that a couple owns during the course of the marriage are typically subject to division. Depending on your situation, division of assets can be complex — so it is important to seek guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. Our firm handles all aspects of divorce, including:

We encourage our clients to try alternate dispute resolutions, such as mediation and arbitration, to achieve positive resolutions. Many times, reaching a settlement through alternate dispute resolutions is beneficial for both parties. A few of the benefits include saving money on attorney's fees and time in the courtroom. We often tell clients that they will forever remember the painful day or days they spend in a divorce trial. The day they come to a reasonable resolution will often be forgotten and seldom painful memory.

Fees in Divorce Cases

Divorces are expensive. For all the pain, anger and other feelings you are processing, your attorney needs to pull apart a legal relationship involving adults, children and property. Each of those categories carries its own complexities. The cost of a divorce will be driven by three primary factors: First you, your needs and behavior will be the first driving factor in attorney fees. The second will be the spouse you are divorcing. The third is the other attorney. As your attorneys we can often have some input on the decisions you make to help keep fees down. We have no influence on your spouse or the other attorney.

Speak To A Family Law Attorney At Thesenvitz & Mickelson, LLP

We understand that your needs are unique to your situation. This is why we cater our legal services to meet your needs. Please contact our firm online or by calling 605-610-4524 or 888-883-0761 to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you.